On Spring ApplicationContext and Bean Creation

There appears to be a lot of confusion in the community on how to expression bean configuration or rather how to convert bean configuration from XML to Java (or Groovy, or Kotlin, or…) as it appears as if the different ways of configuration are completely different things. [Read More]
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Spring Framework: "Hidden" Gems

The Spring Framework (and its portfolio projects) contain a lot of functionality already by themselves. However there are also some nice hidden gems inside the framework, in this blog I will (un)cover a couple of them. The code for the sample(s) can be found on Github. [Read More]
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Yeoman behind a (corporate) proxy

After playing around with AngularJS and Yeoman at home I decided to try it out at work. To clarify @Home I use a Mac with OSX and use Homebrew to install additional packages. @Work I have a virtual workstation running Windows 7 installed. Trying out that setup on that configuration was,... [Read More]