Upgrade Spring Framework in an existing application

When working on an existing application using an older version of the Spring Framework (aka Spring) it might be time to upgrade. Although in most cases upgrading to a newer version of Spring is a matter of changing the version. When doing a large upgrade, like from 2.5 to 5.1,... [Read More]

Use JDBI with Spring Boot

As a developer I’m always interested in using different data access technologies instead of plain JDBC. Especially combined with Spring Boot. Recently I came across JDBI and was intested in trying it out with Spring Boot as an experiment. [Read More]

On Spring ApplicationContext and Bean Creation

There appears to be a lot of confusion in the community on how to expression bean configuration or rather how to convert bean configuration from XML to Java (or Groovy, or Kotlin, or…) as it appears as if the different ways of configuration are completely different things. [Read More]
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